Erasmus Tutor - Student Buddy

Every year, through dedicated funds, the University offers the Departments the possibility of activating a Student Buddy Programme, an Erasmus helpdesk that deals with tutoring, orientation, monitoring and assistance to both incoming and outgoing students in international mobility.

These tutoring activities are integrated with services already provided by the Department's International Relations Office and are aimed at strengthening the services for international student mobility (outgoing and incoming) provided in the framework of the Erasmus+ and Ulisse programmes each academic year.

The Department of Architecture offers through this program an Erasmus desk for support in the following matters:

  • logistics
  • teaching organisation, regulations and lesson timetable
  • exam procedures (exam timetable, exam booking and exam registration)
  • teachers contacts details
  • assistance for documentation relating to accommodation and administrative procedures
  • drafting of residence permit for non-EU students

Erasmus Ambassadors contacts and receiving hours

Please find below the contacts and receiving hours of Alice Eleanor Pain and Gabriele Campus who have been nominated Erasmus Ambassadors/Buddy students at our Department for support and assistance in the practices related to international mobility programs both inbound and outbound.

The office is inside the Archimastria Association rooms on the ground floor of the Santa Chiara premises on the Santa Croce square side.

The service is be available with the following calendar:

You may contact Alice and Gabriele at the following email address:

Erasmus Ambassadors HelpDesk opening times