Sunday, 26 August 2018 to Saturday, 1 September 2018
ore: 09:00
Scuole estive e workshop

ILS_Innovative Learning Spaces 2018 “a city for everyone”

Porto Conte Ricerche, Alghero
Ils 2018

ILS_Innovative Learning Spaces is the first interdisciplinary workshop dedicated to learning spaces in the field of there search and of the project. According to the idea that the school buildings are not the exclusively places for learning, the wholecity can be understood as an urban learning platform, a place to incentivize the knowledge process. In this context, the newtechnologies and the tools for the Augmented Reality contribute to the enhancement of the active and didactic role of urban environments.
ILS will explore these concepts within the workshop where experts, students and professionals will develop newideas and design proposals based on interdisciplinary and transversal principles.
The theme of the current edition will focus on the “city for everyone” supporting the idea that alearning space -merely scholastic or in a wider sense urban and public- has to be open and inclusive, especially for the subjects
on the margins of social dynamics and weak in the standard processes of use and appropriation of the city.



Enric Batlle, Gonçalo Byrne, Valter Caldana, Arnaldo Cecchini, Patrick Fransen, Massimo Ferrari, Lacaton & Vassal, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Luca Molinari, Gianluigi Mondaini, Beate Weyland, Donatella Rita Petretto, Gro Rødne, Silvano Tagliagambe, Alessandro Zuddas, Augusto Marcelli, Zoran Djukanovic, Pedro Rodrigues, Eduard Bru, Valter Caldana, Paolo Calidoni, João Nunes, Jo Noero, Giovanni Mazzitelli, Domenico D’Orsogna, Maria Salerno,
Andreas Grøntvedt Gjertsen, and many others will be soon presented on the official platform constantly updated.

ORGANIZATION BOARD; Samanta Bartocci, Lino Cabras, Alessio Floris, Rosa Manca, Fabrizio Pusceddu, Francesca Rango.

Eligibility, Application and Fee

The Scientific School is open to students, undergraduates, graduates and professionals interested in innovative learning spaces. The school will host 35 students maximum. Heterogeneity is encouraged also through the participation of local students. Backgrounds coming from ICT, architecture and urban design, product design, pedagogy, science of materials and those dealing with energy issues (control, recovery and production) are welcomed. Agreements with the competent institutions will be defined in order to give the participants the corresponding credits, both in academic and professional terms.

The participation corresponds to 3 ECTS for the DADU (Uniss) students.


Applicants can fill out the online pre-registration at
Applicants will pay the participation fee within 7 days from the acceptance notice.
The receipt of the bank transfer has to be sent to in order to conclude the registration process.

Option 1 -  Registration Fee only
50 €  The cost includes the registration fee for all the activities of the School. Until 30th May

Option 2 - Accommodation and Registration Fee
340 ​€ - the cost includes the registration fee, the accommodation in a double room and  breakfast for the duration of the school (7 nights). Access to is subject to availability. Until 30th May.

The registration will be possible until exhaustion.
If necessary, there will be a selection based on the applicants curricula and the motivational letters in order to evaluate the profiles inherence to the School contents. Fees are not refundable.



Registration has to be completed with the fee payment through bank transfer to:

Università degli Studi di Sassari
Reason: UA.A.2004 registration ILS_2018_ name and surname of the participant
Banco di Sardegna        
IBAN: IT96F0101517201000000013500