Martedì, 13 Giugno 2023
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Can we have our cow and eat her too?

Asilo Sella, Aula A 1° piano
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Josh Milburn | Loughborough University, UK

Can we have our cow and eat her too?

   13 Giugno 2023 dalle 15:00 alle 17:00
   Asilo Sella, Aula A 1° piano
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When we think about the future of food from an animal rights perspective, we imagine veganism. But a vegan food system isn't the only one compatible with animal rights. Could we have our cake and eat it too? A rights-respecting non-vegan food system could contain meat and other 'animal' products made using plants, or via cellular agriculture. It could continue to contain non-sentient (and thus non-rights-bearing) animals, as well as rights-bearing animals afforded genuine protections. This possibility gives us a new image of the politics and landscape of animal rights.

Josh Milburn is a Lecturer in Political Philosophy at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He is the author of Just Fodder: The Ethics of Feeding Animals (2022, McGill-Queen's) and Food, Justice, and Animals: Feeding the World Respectfully (2023, Oxford), and the host of the animal studies podcast Knowing Animals.