The Department offers students a international formative experience, making Alghero a meeting point between architects, urbanists, planners, designers, teachers, scholars and Italian and foreign students.

Some of the most renowned Italian and international architects, planners, designers and landscape-planners have been invited to Alghero to teach, organise workshops and give public lectures and seminars.

The Department focuses on international relations to ensure students have the opportunity to study abroad through Erasmus and Erasmus Traineeship agreements, and - with academic collaboration agreements - the opportunity to participate in international summer schools and seminars, to have professional experience in internships, including post-laureates, to participate in research activities. The internationalization objectives of the department have been consolidated with the establishment of two International Master's Degree Programs.

Prof. Alessandra Casu is the Delegate for International Relations and the Erasmus+ for Study Program and Prof. Silvia Serreli is Delegate for the Erasmus + for Traineeship program.

Master's Degree in Planning and policies for the City, Environment and Landscape

The European Masters Course in Planning and policies for the City, Environment and Landscape is a joint degree course offered by the CAP Consortium partners, that includes two Italian univerisities, two Spanish-Catalan universities and one Portuguese university.

CAP consortium partners
Departament de Geografia | Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona | España
Departament de Geografia | Universitat de Girona | España
Facoltà di Architettura | Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa | Portugal
Dipartimento di Architettura, Design e Urbanistica | Università di Sassari | Italy
Dipartimento di Progettazione e pianificazione in ambienti complessi | Università IUAV di Venezia | Italy

Students will have the possibility of studying for one semester at three universities of choice, and can choose to work on their thesis and/or participate in a job placement scheme in numerous other international destinations.

Admissions are reserved for students holding a three-year (or higher) degree in Planning, Architecture or similar degrees.

Master's Degree in Architecture with optional International curriculum

Students enrolling in the Course will be able to opt for the simple Master's degree in Architecture or they will be able to join an international course for which an agreement has been signed with the University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid) and with the Universidade Lisboa Technique (Lisbon), which allows students to achieve, in addition to the master's degree in Architecture, the "Master's degree in integrated sustainable design in the Mediterranean world". This degree can be obtained by enrolling in the international course and attending at least one semester at one of the partner universities, as well as participating in the workshops provided for in the agreement. Students who do not choose the international programme, follow the lessons taught by the Master Degree Course and achieve the Italian Master's Degree in Architecture. The Study Council has provided the possibility of holding some lessons in English.